Minakami Kogen Hotel 200

Resort with hot springs and full of outdoor activities

Minakami Area is one of Japan’s leading resorts located in the suburbs of Tokyo.
It is said that Minakami hot spring was founded over 400 years ago and has been loved as a hot spring village.
Because of its surroundings enveloped by abundant clean water, Water-based outdoor activities such as rafting have become a major part of Minakami’s attraction.

To the nearest “Jomo Kogen Station”, great access by Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) – 80 min from Tokyo Station and 75 min from Ueno Station.
Easy access from Haneda and Narita International Airports, as well as express highway interchanges.
Because of such a great access from the central Tokyo, it is quite possible to visit Minakami Kogen Hotel 200 after a day of sightseeing in Tokyo.




Large Open-Air Bath in a Lush Natural Setting Fall 2012 Grand-Opening

If you’d like to know the goods about the hot springs loved by Japanese, you need to experience it first.
High quality spring of Minakami is known as prestigious hot spring in Japan.
Enjoy the extraordinary feelings of our hot spring.
The panoramic view of the magnificent mother nature will bring you a complete sense of freedom.
There are not many high quality hot springs available close to the Tokyo metropolitan region.


Featuring Ski Slopes Perfect For Snow Play And Authentic Golf Courses

Minakami is well known for a large amount of snow fall and the high quality snow. Minakami Kogen Ski Resort has become one of high-class ski slopes in Japan.
There are some gentle slopes where even beginners can have quality time. Ski Resort is equipped with all the equipment and facilities to make your play day in the snow even more enjoyable.
The resort is also equipped with golf course designed by legendary Arnold Palmer. We offer three distinctly designed courses – “Shirakaba” course where you can enjoy dynamic shots, “Karamatsu” Course where accuracy of the shots really comes into play, and “Kobushi” Course where requires strategies. Please enjoy the challenge of our three-course 54 hole golf courses.


Minakami Resort Where To Enjoy Outdoor Activities In The Nature Of Japan.

Do you think Japanese nature is to enjoy gracefully and quietly?
Minakami Resort offers activities for all age groups and thrill levels, from family hiking and skiing to adrenaline pumping whitewater rafting that are way beyond your expectation.

You should be proud of your journey in Japan because these are one unique ways to experience a very unique part of Japan.

JAPAN BEAUTY  Beautiful Four Seasons Reflected Upon The Water

JAPAN BEAUTY Beautiful Four Seasons Reflected Upon The Water

Japanese have made a deep connection with the water.
Japanese admire the mother nature and even its views reflected on the surface of a lake.
Minakami is located in an immediate vicinity of Oze Marshland and the white arums which can bloom only in the wet bog have become one of the beloved Japanese plants.
Enjoy the changing scenery of nature of Japan throughout the seasons.


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